Hold onto your socks, because there's a whole lot of excitement happening at Social Spin

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Jan 25, 2024

Hold onto your socks, because there's a whole lot of excitement happening at Social Spin! Prepare for some laundry puns and fun as we dive into all the amazing things that have been going on lately. Let's jump right in!

New Affordable Housing Development: We have purchased the lot next to us and are working towards building affordable housing. There was a Land Blessing by Cihuapactli Collective, It was a moment of unity, gratitude, and reverence for the land that will forever be etched in our hearts.


  • Laundry Services: 1,500 loads, benefiting 1,603 people from 1,208 households.
  • Over 800 showers.
  • We provided over 3,800 hot, nutritious meals. And that does not include the hot, nutritious meals served by local food trucks. Our community partner, Creighton Community Foundation, served over 2,500 home-cooked meals using meat donated by Wild Pastures.
  • Valle del Sol - Navigation services.
  • Clip Dart provided haircuts.
  • Southwest Center - HIV/AIDS testing & harm reduction support.


  • Laundry Services: 1,146 loads, benefiting 1,515 people from 741 households.
  • Over 800 showers.
  • Clip Dart provided haircuts.
  • Clothing & shoe rack.
  • Community fridge & pantry.
  • Unlimited Potential - Food boxes.
  • University of Arizona - Healthcare checks.
  • City of Mesa - Library cards.

We started a Homebound weekly service for up to 100 people a week funded by Maricopa County Health Department.

New and Continued Partnerships & Programs: Collaboration is the name of our game! Formed a collaboration with Glendale Elementary School District System of Care Center and Molina Healthcare to offer free laundry services. And we're not stopping there! 

Plans to open a SocialSpin laundromat in Glendale are underway

Movement Mondays and Sudsy Workouts: Implemented Movement Mondays at Social Spin Mesa. Class participants receive a free cardio class and free laundry while working out at their favorite neighborhood laundromat.

Deepened Existing Partnerships: We believe in growing together, and that's why we've expanded our collaboration with:

  • Expanded collaboration with Waymo and Culdesac Tempe to provide subsidized housing for our homeless employees.
  • Planned to install laundry lockers at Culdesac Tempe for eco-friendly residents to access our new mending services and bulk item laundry services, such as comforters and pet beds.
  • Established a revenue-sharing model with Arizona State Hospital, utilizing their Road to Recovery participants for outsourcing mending services, benefiting both organizations.

Exciting Behavior Changes: Weekly Programs

  • Social Spin hosts a variety of educational workshops during our Wash with Care Wednesday events, including COVID-19 workshops focused on decreasing vaccine hesitancy, Alcoholics Anonymous sessions, Diabetes, and Nutrition workshops.
  • In addition to weekly client support, we are moving towards training our staff to be trauma-informed with quarterly trauma-informed training.
  • Drum roll… 
  • we want you to be front and center for the unveiling. Save the date for our Affordable Housing Project Announcement that will have you spinning! Tuesday, October 1, 2024. More to come in the coming weeks. 

How you can support:

Ready to lend a hand and get involved? We've got some ways you can show your support! Support the above works and more by donating to our Foundation. Click here

You can also be the first to help sow the seeds of change by supporting our Affordable Housing Capital Campaign. Click here

Our commitment to a human-centered approach is at the core of everything we do. Being a purpose-driven laundromat that supports our community, ensuring we are connected to community and support services. Together, we can build a community that responds to the needs of individuals and families, fostering a dignified future for all.