The Social Spin Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, established in 2021. It was inspired by Social Spin, Inc., a C Corp. Christy Moore, the Foundation’s Board President, founded Social Spin, Inc. in 2017. This for-profit, purpose-driven business builds community through laundromats while also offering convenient, cost-effective and caring laundry services. Since its inception, it’s also provided free laundry weekly to neighbors in need.After providing more than 3,500 free loads of laundry, Christy realized that access to clean clothes is essential and needs more support than her business could provide. After more than 20years as a nonprofit executive, she knew that establishing a nonprofit organization would garner the level of support our community needs. She formed the board of directors, filed for nonprofit status with the IRS and named the Foundation’s first CEO.Since then, Social Spin, Inc. has shifted its charitable efforts to the Foundation, allowing it to focus on building revenue. While Social Spin, Inc. and the Foundation are both passionate about clean clothes, they’re two separate entities operating as such.

Our Mission.

The Social Spin Foundation’s mission is to ensure that everyone has access to clean clothes. We accomplish our mission in three ways:

1. Promoting clean clothes as a basic human need
2. Providing direct services to neighbors in need
3. Serving as a model for laundromats around the World.

Join our

With each other, we can support community members who need a little help. By opening our space up to the community, we can provide food and health services to them.

We have #WashWithCare events every Wednesday, which means we have loads of laundry to sort and wash, so it is ready for our neighbors in need.

We just ended our time as operating as a Heat Relief Center. The AZ heat is unbearable, so we open our doors to our neighbors every day to escape it. Our doors are open between 12 pm and 6 pm. As a result, we are in need of staffing assistance. Sign up to volunteer today!

Want to help with sorting laundry?

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