Our Mission.

At Social Spin Foundation, we believe that laundromats should be trusted, vibrant social hubs that celebrate arts, culture & community. Our award-winning concept is simple – connect customers to care while they’re doing a weekly chore, laundry. Social Spin Foundation meets people where they’re at, literally. Their neighborhood laundromat.

Here’s what we know:  
People typically do their laundry once a week. It’s a frequent, routine chore.
- Laundromat customers spend 90 – 120 minutes there, and have 30 – 45 minutes of downtime between the wash and dry cycle.
- Laundromats are high-volume spaces. Each machine is typically used 4 – 5 times per day, each time by a different customer. 
- Eighty-five percent of customers come from within a 2-mile radius or less.  

Knowing this: 
- We are able to develop authentic relationships with our customers, allowing us to build trust.
- We are able to introduce them to programs, services and knowledge during their downtime – connect them to care.
- We can reach a lot of people, in a short about of time and a place they’re already traveling to.
- We are embedded into the community.  customers to care while they’re doing a weekly chore, laundry.

For these reasons, we’re more than just a laundromat.

- We’re a trusted neighbor.
- We’re a third space.
- We’re a mutual aid hub
- We’re community.
- We’re access to healthcare and wellness.

We Are