Get Ready to Celebrate: We've Got Land, We've Got Love, and We've Got a Party!

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May 30, 2023

Celebrate with us on May 31st

Hey there, beautiful people!

We have some incredible news to share with you all! Drumroll, please... The Social Spin Foundation is thrilled to announce that we have officially recorded our brand-new land, located just a hop, skip, and a jump north of us! This means more room for affordable housing units and an even greater impact on our community. We couldn't be more excited about it! As our fearless leader, Glynda, always says, "Here we GROW again!" And to honor her unwavering dedication, we've named this momentous occasion in her honor. It's been over a year since we took the plunge and asked ADOT to dispose of the land. And guess what? It actually happened! We're beyond grateful for Glynda, who stood by our side through thick and thin, even during those tearful moments when we doubted this day would ever come.

First and foremost, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who has played a special role in this incredible journey. Without your unwavering support and love, we wouldn't be where we are today. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Now, mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate with us on Wednesday, May 31, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the fabulous Social Spin Phoenix (2418 E. Portland St.). We're throwing a party like no other, and you're invited!

We'll kick off the festivities with a soul-stirring Land Blessing ceremony, thanks to our dear friends at Cihuapactli Collective. Picture this: a circle of 200 amazing individuals, including our Wash with Care Wednesday customers, community partners, and generous donors, all coming together to witness and be a part of something truly magical. But hey, don't worry if you're not part of the Wash with Care Wednesday crew; everyone is welcomed and deserving of a BUBBLY experience!

Around 8:50 a.m., we'll hit the pause button on laundry collection and our other services, urging everyone to gather on our sparkling new land. Follow our lead as we guide you to form a circle for the Land Blessing ceremony—a moment of connection and gratitude that will last approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Trust us, it'll give you all the warm fuzzies!

Once the Land Blessing is complete, it's time to channel your inner green thumb! We invite each and every one of you to participate in a symbolic act of unity and growth. Grab those tilling tools (metaphorical ones, no need to bring your gardening gloves!) and let's "till the land" together. We'll also have wildflower seeds on hand, so you can sprinkle a little magic wherever you go. And hey, this isn't limited to just the new land—we want to see wildflowers blooming all around our property! Oh, and don't worry about hydration because we've got you covered. There'll be a cooler brimming with ice-cold water right next to the tilling station.

Now, let's talk food, because what's a celebration without some seriously delicious eats? We've got a fantastic food truck joining us—the one and only Loaded Dogs! Picture sinking your teeth into mouthwatering hot dogs that are loaded with all your favorite toppings. And to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you cool in the Arizona heat, we've got Chilligans Sno and more! Their shaved ice creations will send your taste buds on a wild, refreshing adventure. But here's the scoop: we've asked them to park on the dirt sidewalk on Portland St. So, make sure to follow your nose and join the culinary delights!

But wait, there's more! We've curated a lineup of special vendors that will tickle your fancy. Make sure to swing by and say hello to Molina Healthcare, represented by the fabulous Larry Leal, and Catalytic, Molina's enrollment partner. These incredible folks have gone above and beyond by donating $5,000 for free laundry services and an additional $10,000 as cash incentives for customers attending our awesome onsite educational workshops. Talk about generosity!

DJ Jack holding a mic and wearing a mask
DJ Jack on the 1s and 2s

And that's not all—we're spicing things up with tarot card readings by the incredible Logan Cole, oversized yard games like bean bag toss and Connect Four (bring your A-game, folks!), DJ Jack spinning tunes to keep the party vibe alive, and some extra tables and chairs for all your mingling needs. By the way, to beat the heat and ensure DJ Jack's equipment stays in top shape, we've set up shop for him inside the storage room. Don't worry, though—he'll keep the door open, so you can pop in, request your favorite tunes, and have a chat with the man himself.

But let's not forget the unsung heroes! A big shout out goes to Jimmy and Chuck for their incredible work in preparing the land and setting up for the event. These guys are true miracle workers, especially considering they can decipher our chicken scratch site plans. But hey, for everyone else's sake, we've provided a much more legible version this time around. Hopefully, it'll make things a tad easier for everyone! Ha!

Now, before we sign off, we want to reiterate just how incredibly thankful we are for each and every one of you. Your support, love, and unwavering commitment mean the world to us. Together, let's take a moment to 'pause our cycle' and celebrate this remarkable milestone, because after all, who said laundry couldn't be fun?

So mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to join us for a party that will go down in history. We can't wait to see your smiling faces and celebrate this new chapter of growth, love, and community!

With boundless love and anticipation,

The Social Spin Foundation Team