Transforming Laundromats into Community Hubs: The Social Spin, Waymo, and Native American Connections Collaboration

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Aug 22, 2023

At Social Spin, we believe in the power of innovation and community engagement. We've turned the traditional laundromat model on its head to transform them into vibrant, social spaces in Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission is deeply rooted in the community and through strategic partnerships with organizations like Waymo and Native American Connections (NAC), we strive to create an impactful change.

Our story began with our founder, Christy Moore, a social worker who saw the potential of laundromats to be more than just a place to wash clothes. Social Spin was thus born with a vision to make clean laundry a basic human right and create spaces where community members can access essential services.

Check out the ABC15 - Sonoran Living interview on their site. Link Here

Our recent collaboration with Waymo, the leaders in autonomous driving technology, and Native American Connections, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families, has allowed us to expand our reach and provide an essential service to the community in a unique way.

Our joint venture ensures the residents of NAC’s emergency housing program, The Lodge, have access to fresh laundry. With Waymo's autonomous vehicles delivering laundry from The Lodge to Social Spin and back, we've been able to free up valuable time for NAC case managers to focus on what they do best - helping residents find permanent housing and employment.

As Social Spin continues to grow, our mission remains the same: to leverage the power of community, innovation, and collaboration to make a difference. We are proud to be part of this groundbreaking initiative and are excited about the positive impact it's having on our community.

At Social Spin, we're about more than just clean clothes - we're about connecting and empowering communities. Join us on our mission by learning more about us and our partners at:

  • Social Spin: Visit us at to learn more about our mission, our services, and how you can get involved.
  • Native American Connections: To understand more about the life-changing work NAC does, visit
  • Waymo: Find out more about the innovative autonomous driving technology of Waymo at
Together, we can make a difference - one wash, rinse, and repeat at a time.