Tiesha Harrison

Prophetic Visual Artist at I AM Undefined Art

Tiesha Harrison (b. 1986) is a multi-disciplinary Arizona based influential artist. She graduated from Milan Art Institute in 2020 and have a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies from Arizona State University. Her purpose is to incorporate painting and art immersive experiences to evoke sensations of vulnerability and emotions to connect with viewers across the world. Tiesha begins her process in a soulful and innovative approach which include elements traditionally used in conceptual and interactive art. Works often include bold visuals, vibrant concepts, mixed media, community collaboration and hand-cut collages painting. Her work is best described as fearless, intuitive, and infinitely expanding. She is an Abstract Expressionist.

Art is the vehicle she uses to engage, serve, uplift and transform the community.

“I AM inspired by the beauty of bold creativity in urban culture, innovation, storytelling, emotional rawness and music. It is the exploration of expression and intense attraction for authenticity that leads me on a journey of reflective brushwork and bold visuals. Decoding life experiences while creating art that speaks to and from the soul. My higher calling is to use art as a vehicle to engage, serve, uplift and transform the community. Raising the level of consciousness. DEEP CONNECTION and DESIRE to think without limitations, provoke a feeling, an emotion, a story, a vision for unveiled new perspectives to INSPIRE GREATNESS.”

In addition to her studio work, she thrives on self-mastery, creativity, self-reflection to help bring awareness to important topics like mental health and trauma-informed approach. She believes in higher power and aligns with her inner soul to create artwork that is on purpose. As an artist, her underlying foundation is to use her work to collaborate with organizations, to expose the voices of those who have been silenced by inner doubt, and welcome others to fully embrace their UNDEFINED soul.

She has been featured in VoyagePhoenix Magazine, Arizona Informant, Artist on the Cutting Edge Magazine, The Conversationalist, Sexy Freedom Media Podcast, Radio Phoenix with Alvin Galloway, Finding Arizona Podcast, Feminine Essence Podcast and has been recognized by Achieving My Purpose for their Celebration of Women Leaders award for her community impact.

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Tiesha Harrison


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